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As the world’s meetings are forced online…

How I can help you improve your online events.

My Online Services


Send me video recordings of your online meetings and I will create a detailed, bespoke report on how your future meetings (and presenters) can be improved.


One-to-one, or one-to-many coaching and online event training on meeting design, delivery for event managers and presenters. And how to re-purpose content by creating training videos and podcasts.

Present & Produce

Hire me to design, produce and present more professional, engaging and effective online events and meetings. And create high-quality (and very affordable) video interviews to share internally and externally.

Free advice for all online presenters

I am confident even experienced online presenters will learn a few new tricks from this 10 minute video tutorial.

If you’d like some specific coaching, please get in touch via the contact form on this page.



“I recently worked with Roy on a project for a global pharmaceutical company. Roy was brought in to be the moderator of a European webcast. This was a complex project on difficult subject matter. Roy was able to quickly assimilate into the project, ask the right questions in the run-up, and seamlessly moderate the 2 hour webcast. Within this, he moderated a panel discussion with 5 panelists, being able to balance different opinions and let everyone’s voice be heard. Roy brought a great degree of oversight and in-depth knowledge to the project and was absolutely wonderful to work with!” 

Carlyn Martina-Mamber

Global Medical Communications Expert, Neuroscience at Takeda

As featured in Meetings & Incentive Travel magazine


“Being able to capture attention is paramount. You absolutely need top notch speakers and even more – someone who can interact, manage, give rhythm and be the voice of the audience. That is almost an art, and this is where Roy excels. His versatility, his ability to organize a discussion topic or lead, give not just a professional dimension to your event but the extra mile that makes it a unique experience. Whether it is in front of a camera – eg virtual- or on stage, I am looking to soon collaborate again with Roy.”

Nicola Rossetti, Global CMO at Leni Event Tech

Pre-pandemic, I was entrusted to lead these massive medical congresses.


In 2017 when our FRESH conference went online as a multi-hub conference, Roy gave a great performance as our chief moderator. He was leading, from Brussels, 4 other moderators in 4 other cities in Poland, Holland, Portugal and the UK. As an experienced TV host, Roy understands how to involve online audiences and how to work with nervous online speakers or even online panels… His expertise and talent, makes an online event look so much more professional. Roy is an energetic, eloquent and brilliant MC and moderator who just gets people engaged and energised in a way you would not expect from an online event. 

Maarten Vanneste, Meeting Design Institute


BBC radio and live TV news and location reporting was the perfect preparation for presenting online events. My BBC boss once told me “We pay you for when it goes wrong, not when it goes right.” A brilliant piece of advice which has stuck with me for 30 years.

In recent years I seem to specialise in large-scale medical/scientific congresses. These are not without their dramas. On one occasion, the keynote speaker closed the laptop lid on-stage – this shut down the entire system. Sitting in the audience next to my client, he quietly asked me to ‘fill’ for 5 minutes while they re-booted the system. With 2 minutes notice that’s what I did. The next day at one point during a workshop about presentation skills to about 300 young scientists, I asked who had attended the opening ceremony the previous evening? Most had. I asked if they’d noticed anything ‘odd’ about it. No one had realised anything had gone so badly wrong! I managed to pull that off by telling a series of relevant stories to the audience. 

Since then I have hosted countless live and pre-recorded online webinars and hybrid meetings. In 2017, I wrote this LinkedIn article about the event industries’ reluctance to embrace online meetings. 

Today we have no choice! Making online meetings better organised, more focussed and more engaging for audiences and clients all over the world is my passion. 


If you’d like some help, please get in touch.

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